Virtual Recreation Center

2020 Parks VRC

Cooking & Gardening

Disney Dole Whip

Disney Churro

21 Fun & Delicious Recipes You Can Make With Your Kids

Meatless Monday Recipes

Kitchen Scrap Gardening

Aquatics (I know, right!?!)

Bathtub Flutter Kicks

Backtub Back Floats

How To Do Freestyle

Water Safety Games

Flip Turn Practice

Breaststroke Kick Practice - Whip Kick

Quick & Easy Swim Workout – No Water Required!

Water Safety Videos – Longfellow’s WHALE Tales

Water Safety for Parents and Caregivers

Conversation Starters

  • What is one thing you own that you really should throw away . . . but probably never will?
  • If you could witness any specific moment in sports history, what moment would you choose?
  • What would be the ingredients of your Ultimate Ice Cream Sundae?
  • When was the last time you laughed so hard you cried?
  • If you could have 50 pounds of anything other than money, what would it be?
  • If you could bring to life any fictional character from a book or movie, whom would you choose?

Virtual Field Trips & Live Webcams

Clymer Museum & Gallery

Kittitas County Historical Museum

Puget Sound Estuarium

Smithsonian:  National Museum of Natural History

The Louvre

Monterey Bay Aquarium

National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum               (Check out their Twitter!)

Road Trip from Home: Virtual Field Trips

100 Things To Do While Stuck Inside Due To A Pandemic

Cloth Mask Tutorial – Need one or Help donate 100 Million Masks