Start utility services

New to town or just to the home you moved in to? The city provides water, sewer, electric and gas utility services.

Stop utility services

If you are moving, let us know when you would like to stop your utility services.

Set up a PIN for an existing utility account

For your identify protection, we ask customers to set up a unique PIN for their utility account.

Set up online utility bill pay

Utility customers can view and pay their utility bills online.

Apply for water leak adjustment 

If your water usage appears higher than normal, you may have a water leak.

Apply for sewer leak adjustment 

If your sewer usage appears higher than normal, you may have a sewer leak.

Apply for a building permit

Renovations and building construction require a permit.

Apply for a business license

Find information about business licensing in Ellensburg.

Gambling tax

View and complete a quarterly gambling tax return form.

Admission tax registration

Hosting an event that charges a fee? Complete and submit this form after the event.

Apply for a sign permit

Before you install, fill out this application.

Residential Parking Zones

Ellensburg has Residential Parking Zones (RPZ) in the core area of town. View a map or apply for a RPZ permit.

Street Closure Application

Planning an event and want to close a street? 

Special Events Permit Application

Effective 10/1/2018