How long does it take to get a building permit?

Over the counter Mechanical and Plumbing Permits Most mechanical and plumbing permits for work such as replacing or adding a furnace, air conditioner, water heater, toilet, shower, etc. can be issued over the counter and take approximately 30 minutes. Windows, Doors, Siding and Re-Roof Most of these types of permits can be issued the same day over the counter. However, if the project is located in a critical area or structural changes or repair are needed, then the permit cannot be issued the same day over the counter. New Single Family Residence, Garage, Shop A permit for a new house, garage or shop takes approximately 5-6 weeks to review and issue. All new construction permits must be routed to Public Works, Energy Services, Planning and the Fire Marshal for review and approval. Commercial, Multi-Family and Public There is no definitive time that can be established for review and approval for either new commercial, multi-family or public buildings. These types of structures usually require much more time for review due to the complexity of the structure and the site infrastructure. A Pre-Application meeting is required for these structures and staff may be able to provide an approximate review time at this meeting. Commercial Tenant Improvement Simple tenant improvement permits, that only involve interior work, can usually be issued in 1 week. However, if water, electrical or gas meters will be modified or location change the permit may take longer to issue. Tenant improvement permits that involve additions and/or exterior work will require more review time and no definitive review time can be provided, each project will require the time necessary for a complete review.

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