Gateway I Project

Gateway I Stormwater Retrofit Project


The City Stormwater Utility received approximately $2.7 million through the Department of Ecology’s Water Quality Grant Program, to design and construct a stormwater treatment system and bicycle and pedestrian improvements along University Way. The project is about one mile in length, from Wenas Street to the Red Horse Diner. The project will construct rock lined swales behind the existing curb on both sides of the roadway. Surface water runoff will pass through new curb cuts into the swales, resulting in improved water quality in Mercer, Whiskey and Wilson Creeks. The swales will be lined with trees, which will improve air quality and create an attractive appearance along this gateway into the City of Ellensburg. The project will also construct two new bus pullouts near the Fish and Wildlife building, and provide recreational opportunities for pedestrians and bicyclists.   

Project Area

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For more information, contact:
Jon Morrow
Stormwater Utility Manager