Ellensburg Landmarks Register Properties And Districts

  • Ellensburg Landmarks Register Properties and Districts
  • List of Historic Register Properties- Coming Soon!
  • What if I want to make changes to my historic register property?
    • Review by the Landmarks and Design Commission and issuance of a Certificate of Appropriateness is required before any exterior changes can be made to any Ellensburg Landmark Property.  This includes such projects as: 
      • Restoring or replacing windows 
      • Moving a building 
      • Additions to a building 
      • Demolishing a building 
      • New construction, such as constructing an accessory building, also requires review.  
      • The addition of murals and signs on Landmark Register Properties. 
  • Do you want to list your property on the Ellensburg Landmarks Register? 
    • ECC 15.280.080 Ellensburg Landmarks Register
      1. Criteria for Eligibility to the Register. Any building, structure, site, object, or district may be designated for listing in the Ellensburg landmarks register if it is significantly associated with the settlement, development, architecture, politics, economy, social history, archaeology, or cultural heritage of the community; retains integrity of location, setting, design, materials, workmanship, feeling, and association; is at least 50 years old; and if it meets at least one of the following criteria:
        1. Is associated with events that have made a significant contribution to the broad patterns of local, state, or national history;
        2. Is closely linked with the life of a person important in the history of the city, state, or nation;
        3. Embodies the distinctive visual characteristics of an architectural type, period, style, or method of construction;
        4. Is an outstanding work of a designer, builder, or architect;
        5. Has yielded, or may be likely to yield, important archaeological information related to history or prehistory; and/or
        6. Because of prominent spatial location, contrasts of siting, age, or scale, it is an easily identifiable visual feature of its neighborhood and contributes to the distinctive identity of that neighborhood.
    • Benefits of being listed on the Ellensburg Landmarks Register
      • Demolition protection- proposed demolition of a Landmark Register property must go through a demolition permit review with the LDC in a public hearing, and obtain approval for demolition.  
      • Technical assistance by the City and State to provide resources and information pertaining to your historic structure.
      • Eligibility for grant and funding opportunities.  
      • Contributing to the preservation of Ellensburg historic character and heritage.
    • Technical Bulletins and Resources to Help You with your Project